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RC: Cars Boats Helicopters Quadcopters Aircraft

Model Trains: O -Scale S-Scale HO -Scale N-Scale

* including DCC installation*


Labor Fee is $40/hour. We break labor down to 15 minute units - we don't feel its right to charge an hour's fee for 15 minutes of work. By breaking our time down to 15 minute increments, you don't pay for more than you have to.

However, we don't employ any full-time service technicians, so our ability to repair items depends on how busy we are. If you bring in an item for repair, please be aware of the following rules:

If a service or repair takes longer than 15 minutes, you may be asked to leave the item with us. In most cases, we can't work on your repair while you wait. We have many people that need assistance, and a limited amount of staff to help them. So repairs usually need to be done our time table. It's inconvenient, but necessary.

Most service and repairs are finished in 1-2 weeks, depending on parts availability and who is in front of you in the repair line. Items that have been serviced and left with us more than 30 days after we've completed them will be considered our property and sold. You wouldn't believe how many people have simply left their Repairs with us over the years. While most people pick up their repairs promptly, some don't bother to pick them up at all. If there is going to be a delay please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.



These are also done on an individual basis. This depends on what’s involved the type of product and the degree of difficulty. We can Quotes the job but only after we both know what we are up against Our regular hourly rates apply.




We do our appraisals in house and on an individual basis. Again we do not have a full time staff dedicated to do just appraisal. Depending on the type of product or the size of the collection you may have to leave it with. Our regular hourly rates apply.